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Commercial and Industrial


We treat all premises, be they large or small with the utmost care and respect. All precautions are taken to minimize impact on you and your client base - this may include treatments outside regular hours and/or using integrated pest management systems.


Whatever the size, whatever the problem, we will come to you and design a solution. And we will provide that solution with written documentation so as to meet all relevant standards and rules relevant to your service.


Typical pest problems that we find solutions to are Spiders, Portuguese Millipedes, Rodents, Ants and Possums and now we also have an effective fly treatment. Our treatments are safe, clean, inexpensive and best of all EFFECTIVE.


Owner-operator Craig Andrews is licensed, insured, respectful and informative. He can provide written information on any chemicals used and will do his best to have a minimal effect on you and your customers.


We can do stand alone treatments or continuing inspections and re-baiting. Call us for an obligation free quote. We will take care of the pest business so you can take care of your business.